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About Contain Rain:  We'll convert your plastic barrel into a pro rain catchment unit!

You know those plastic barrels you've been storing behind your greenhouse for years, and you haven't gotten around to making them into rainbarrels?

Bring 'em by our shop! We convert your old plastic barrels into high-quality rain catchers! ... complete with installed spigots and our made-in-house downspout diverter!

We will even connect multiple barrels in a series, including all the necessary air vents (on top) and links (on bottom). You can be installing your rain catchment system this afternoon! Our design makes these barrels very easy to install, requiring no special tools other than a hacksaw or tinsnips.

The details:
The preferred barrel is a 55-gallon HDPE (High Density Poly Ethelyne) drum. Any color is fine.
Our standard installation method depends on the barrel having two tightly-fitting bunghole caps with 3/4-inch female threads. (If you don't understand this, we'll explain it to you.) If you have some other kind of barrel, or are missing caps, we will devise some method to convert it still.
Don't have a barrel? You can buy one from us!

For more resources on containing water in rain barrels, please visit our website:
Don't hesitate to email us with any questions: info (at)

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