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The seven best ways to organize your small bedroom space
If you have a small bedroom, this isn't as bad as you think. Often, small spaces are a challenge for you, especially when you decide to exploit in an exemplary manner and unconventional. Don't let this problem prevents enjoying a wonderful time at home. Just let me help you exploit small bedroom space perfectly. Follow the tips and see the following pictures you will realize how good use spaces in your room.

1. buy multifunctional furniture

When you buy a bed, for example, make sure that the custom has its place below to store your possessions. This place it is possible to find several forms and spaces and allows you to store things in an orderly fashion, as they protect the good pieces of dust.

2. use a wall bed

Get creative and use wall hanger, so that you can use to store handbags. Turn also to furniture that folds like Badr one and chairs, this way of organizing your bedroom will help you a lot in exploiting every little part.

3. turn the small office

Instead of putting a small table beside your bed, put a small office it will enable you to study or work tasks and also you can use it as a table to put her things in the evening whether book or a glass of water for example.

4. buy things that you make the most of location

Get rid of your wardrobe, and replace it with another small, simple and orderly. Preferably the doors glide instead of that open to the outside so not narrowing room space or metal clothes hanger bought and hang her clothes. As for the shoes, put them in a box or two of distinct senior decorative manner on earth so protect them from damage caused by the accumulation of dust.

5. use shelves in a clever way.

Shelf in the room are a lifesaver for you at all, you can use it to display small artifacts or put various photo frames. The advantage of shelving it doesn't take as much space as they will help you exploit small bedroom space perfectly.

6. choose distinctive mirror with holder

Mirrors are the important things in the bedroom because they increase the size of your bedroom. Horizontal mirror with pregnant women are very suitable for small bedroom because it keeps the florals (hairstyle). Just put a cosmetics and makeup tools on shelves next to women. And it won't waste any more space than your room space.

7. organizing drawers

If you have any type of drawers in your bedroom is small, make sure they always divided and organized, making yourself the task of finding your stuff. Put inside them breaks for organizing drawers and you can buy them from any store that sells home accessories.

New ideas for modern home library

If you love reading books and purchased in bulk, you need a modern home library to keep these books and at the same time becoming décor for your home. Not satisfied with traditional and choose normal House library forms that resemble the closet but turn to those plans which are a masterpiece or a painting for your home. These different ideas will give special for the room and that some of them will reduce the bulk of the exploited spaces at home. Encourage everyone in your House to read and show them your own taste and artistic touch to these new ideas of modern home library.

1. a large circular window of hollow Center and is divided from the inside to make book shelves.

2. use a big wall and make him his divisions forward slashes, she will give a new and modern form also works for many books.

3. If you like geography, you can make a home library design to form part of the map hanging on the wall, and their subdivisions going barrier to books.

4. use the inside corner to the stairs home making great library.

5. READ the word configurable holographic wall and hollow inside, like an invitation to read various books placed inside.

6. big star-shaped wall library.

7. Finally you my idea in the design library drawer under your bed? innovative ideas to decorate your bathroom
Although the bathroom is an essential part in the home but many overlooked show beauty of interiors. There are several ways you can decorate your bathroom with minimal effort and cost, if you have the desire to renovate your bathroom simply, we will give you some simple ideas that great aesthetic dahlias for your bathroom.


The wax is more ways that you can use in bathroom décor, it is available in different sizes and smells and many forms. All you have to do is choose a suitable place to do drag for coordinating wax it like women's rack or top toilet lid back or customize the rack on the wall to monitor candles on it in an artistic way.


Can flowers decorate the bathroom in more ways than either putting natural flowers that you prefer in a vase beside the tub, or on a shelf or in a vase stable on the ground. If you love flowers alsaaih, hang branches of flowers on the walls or make it slinks on shower curtain is simple.


Frames are not tied by the decoration tools used in a specific place, why would you not take that and put out different images of landscapes such as sea snails or fish variety and adorn yourself with the bathroom wall?

Pearl beads

If you have a necklace made of pearl beads, put it in an empty Cup on the women hanging part out of the glass, or alternatively do disassemble the contract put pearl beads in a glass cup and hold it a little candle or flower in red for example.

The towel.

Did you know that the towel can do form a decorative and elegant in the bathroom? Just bring more than a towel in different colors and screw them on Saturday decorated with flowers, or take them on a shelf above each and garnish with a collection of shells and starfish.

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