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Jason Grill, born onAugust 10, 1979, is an attorney, the owner of JGrill Media, LLC which is a public affairs, medial relations and a government relatins firm. He is also a TV analyst, a contributor/writer/commentator and a radio host. Jason is a former Democratic member of the Missouri House of Representatives. He was born and was raised in Kansas City, Missouri, Southern Platter Country area. He is residing in Parkville, Missouri which is near Kansas City. His parents Brad and Clarissa Grill sent him to St. Therese Grade School in Platter County for his kindergarten through eight grade. He was involved in many community activities when he was young, including Boy Scouts, soccer and baseball.

After St. Therese, he went to Saint Pius X High School in Kansas City, Missouri. While in high school he became the Studne Council Vice President and earned many sports awards. He was named as the Kansas City Star Scholar Athlete at St. Pius X and graduated in the top 10 of his class.

Jason's accomplishments in St. Pius X led him to study at Saint Louis University. While he was in college he worked for the Law Firm of Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP and St. Louis Law firm, Thompson Coburn LLP. In 2000, he worked at the White House, office of the Vice President. After college, he studied law at the University of Missouri-Columbia Law School. He then interned in the CNN Washington D.C. Bureau.

Jason Grill passed the Missouri Bar Exam in 2004 and the Kansas Bar exam in 2005. He founded the Grill Law Firm, LLC and has two offices, in Missouri and in Kansas City. He is currently a member of King Hershey PC and has recently worked at Holtsclaw & Kendall LC.

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