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She is an Internet marketer for ACM Facility Safety, a safety engineering services provider based in Canada. She graduated with a degree in marketing and she is glad that she was able to apply what she learned in the academe in the robust world of the web. Her work entails continual learning as she is required to learn about different topics assigned to her. Her current subject, ACM Facility Safety is one of the most challenging projects she had ever handled as it tackle the complexities of the engineering industry. Though she knows a little when she started working, her willingness to learn and adapt to a her environment is her motivation to do her best for her employer. Now, she is very glad that the fruit of her labor are starting to be reaped, as she was able to learn safety engineering in theory which is already a great accomplishment for her.

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ACM Canada is largest independent supplier of Functional Safety, Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)and Safeguarding and ACM Training Courses. ACM Canada operates in Calgary and helped many engineering companies create leaders and ambassadors of functional safety. The company provides effective solutions in Safety Lifecycle Services and trains individuals who wanted to be certified engineers in process safety management.

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