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About asicsning:  the disaster will really happen, that time will not be the same as the film will be perfect The outcome. Gucci Belts property market, how can get rid of such metaphor and curse? On January 1, the Regulations on the Administration of Floating Population Services in Guangdong Province began to be implemented. The residence permit was completely replaced by the temporary residence permit. The most valuable thing in the was to break the household ice and set the conditions for the enrollment and entry of migrant children: To meet the same residence in Guangdong to live in accordance with the law and pay the social security for 5 years and other conditions, and their children to accept pre-school education, compulsory education should be treated with the same resident students in the same place; to meet the same residence in a continuous residence and pay social security for seven years Conditions, you can apply for permanent account. However, the specific approach to enrollment and home ownership is subject to local development. At the same time, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee in the deployment of the 2010 work also pointed out that it is intended to explore the promotion of points system and other methods, so that the stability of employment in urban areas and farmers in an orderly transformation of urban residents.

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