Fast Company Collaborative Consumption Infographic

Collaborative Consumption infographic from Fast Company

We're featured in this awesome infographic from Fast Company called The Collaborative Home.

The infographic outlines all the startups helping you make use of underused resources - from power drills to your driveway to your time. While the article focuses on the opportunity to make cash with your stuff, the editor Morgan Clendaniel is sure to point out the bigger picture:

What's truly important about collaborative consumption is much more world-altering than just supplementing people's incomes. We own far too much stuff, a symptom of our aggressive consumer culture. If you don't need to buy a circular saw or a leaf blower just to use them once a year, but can use one when you need it, it could fundamentally impact how we consume. So, while making money on your unused stuff sounds great, imagine not having to buy the stuff in the first place.

Thanks to Fast Company and to Collaborative Fund for including us!

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